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It’s been so wonderful, and so exciting, to have Mermaid Magic come out as a Japanese language edition, thanks to the hard work of our sweet translator Ryoko. And now Ryoko has translated some of the reviews from Amazon Japan for us, which I’m most grateful for… It means so much to me to know that wanting to protect the ocean is a universal emotion…

マーメイド・マジック-カヴァー0521“I’ve taken lots of private sessions from different healers to solve this mixed feelings. And now, as I encountered with this book, it seems like every pieces become one. Now I know myself to deepen more to the world of mermaid, live in this world as mermaid. And that totally make sense to me. I feel the mermaid energy arrived in Japan finally! Thank you very much.” Saya.

“When I found this book in the bookstore, simply I had a feeling of “I want to read this book!” As I read through, a lot of new discoveries, a lot of empathy about beautiful sea creatures and their messages. I especially liked the meditation work to connect with the ocean. I will for sure try this.” Ami.

“I think I understand more about Mermaids than before. Felt more love to mermaid, felt more respect to the ocean as I read. This is such a beautiful book. As I read little by little, I felt my heart is becoming warm and feels like some kind of old memories brought me back. Want to read again and again. I love mermaids since I was a child. I am so happy to be with this book. Thank you for creating such beautiful book for us.” Natsu.

“I was at one of the biggest bookstore in Osaka, and amazed to find this book. There are so many healing books, some are very famous, but I was attracted to Mermaid Magic. When I was a child I always visited my grandmother who lived near the shore. Ocean is a place of my memory with grandma and delighted memory with her as well. At the moment, I feel unconfident myself, I don’t where I am going to,,, so maybe my soul wanted to return to the ocean and brought me this book. I had never known about authors, and witches. I realized to live WITH the nature makes what my soul the most blissful. I wish to heal others as mermaid if I could.” MayaToyota.

“I just loved mermaid so much since my childhood. I happened to find this book when I dropped by unconsciously to the bookstore on my way home from work. Then the book cover caught my eyes. I had my nose in a book and inspired there are so many deep meanings in the mermaid stories and legends. I definitely recommend this book to others!” Marcy.

“I like mermaids for a long time and my hobby in my childhood was to collect all kinds of mermaid goodies. When I was wandering the bookstore today, I was looking at the guidebook of Sacred Okinawa – then this book is displayed there, and felt a book wanted me to find her! Found very high and good vibration and energy in the book.” Quinty.

“Thank you for this beautiful and wonderful book. I am in the half way reading it, but I felt really happy surrounded with the gentle energy of mermaids as I read.” Mailani.

“So much about fascinating mermaids! Every contents are very interesting to read from the mermaid energy to sacred water to the message from the ocean! Also, I love being in the nature, so the list of Nature conservancy is very helpful and it made me really happy. It made me motivated to do SOMETHING I can to protect the nature. Also, I will try to apply more of mermaid energy into my daily life.” Fumika.

“Thank you for bringing such a wonderful book to the world. This book made my uncertain feelings to the certain positive feelings. Solved lots of things of mine. Now I feel safe, I feel confident. It was meant to be that I found this book.” A.

“The book wasn’t something I expected, but there are so many topics about nature conservancy and after all it made me think about it more deeply and carefully and it is very educational book, too. Book has so many wide range of topics, and deep message. There is only few books I know that makes me feel so real like this. One of the reasons it is so easy to read despite its volume is a good translation. Thank you so much for translating such wonderful books to Japanese. I like to do what I can do to protect the nature and the ocean.” Rosewood.

MermaidMagiccover“I’ve been excited to read every single page of this book! I am so attracted to the magic of the ocean, magic of the mermaid. Ocean is a womb. Ocean is our mother. I know it now thanks to this book. I would like to connect with the ocean more deeply and share their wisdom. And I am looking forward to meeting with you someday. I love you both!I happened to find this book accidentally. But since then, I feel mermaid energy. To connect with mermaid, to connect with the ocean makes me feel so calm, so protected, and feel like I am in the foam of water bubble. Every ceremony, magic, lessons is very practical. Not only about mermaids, but other sea creatures, awareness to nature conservancy is very important to everyone to understand. I want to become a sea witch, so to start with, I will do some beach clean next time I go to the beach. And I am looking forward to see Lucy and Serene someday!” Umi.

“I wasn’t aware and think deeply about the nature, about the mother earth we live in . I maybe took it for granted. Now I feel more gratitude to be alive in this beautiful planet. This book – gave me an opportunity to think about the earth. After finished reading this book, I feel more closer to the ocean. Thank you with the deepest gratitude.” Purumeria.

“I travelled to Hawaii last year and this year. I met lots of lovely elementals although they are not physically seen. While reading this book, my body and heart become very cheerful and healthy, feeling of joy coming out from my heart. The relationships between the ocean, earth, human are all connected together and we have been shared lots of feelings together. This is what I found through this book. To live in a harmony, to live with the natural cycle is so beautiful and something I really would like to accomplish. I now feel so much appreciation to the great mother nature, so much respect to all of the creatures on this planet.” AK.

“Very dignified, very respectful. So many information. The book is like the ocean wisdom itself. I feel like wandering in the vast ocean as I read this book. This book is a Mermaid Dictionary! There is no book like this that tells so much deep stories about Mermaids. I am really amazed and honored by the authors effort to make this happen. And Ms. Sumitomo, Thank you for your very clear comprehensible translation that gives me easy to image the scene.” Shiho.

“I think this book is a MAGIC! Because as I read, I smell the ocean, I hear the sound of ocean! I am very looking forward to your next book! Mermaid Magic made me feel stronger towards my love to the ocean. To nurture all of the lives, purifies all of the sadness, I do honor and appreciate what mother ocean could offer. And I am so happy that I can become a sea witch even I don’t live near the ocean. Thank you to Ms Sumitomo too, the translation is very comprehensive, so gentle, not using too much difficult vocabulary, very easy to read through.” Maria.

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