Ostara Blessings…

Wishing everyone in the southern hemisphere a magical spring equinox, and everyone in the north an enchanted autumn equinox… Today is my tenth wedding anniversary, and because we got married in New York and honeymooned in Glastonbury, I always feel a little bit of northern energy in with the south, a melding of the energies of Ostara as well as Mabon, on this day 🙂

The equinoxes are a time of balance and harmony, both within and without, as the sun is above the equator and night and day are of equal length.

ostaraThe spring equinox represents the triumph of light over dark, because for the next six months, until the autumn equinox, the days will be longer than the nights. The spring equinox, also known as the vernal equinox (from the Latin vernare, to bloom), Ostara, Eostre, Lady Day, Earrach, Alban Eiler (light of the earth) and the Festival of Trees, marks the midpoint of spring. It’s a celebration of fertility, conception and regeneration as the earth begins to bloom and the memory of winter’s harshness fades away. It’s a time of new growth, where all of nature seems to be sprouting and blossoming. Seedlings emerge from the earth, new crops are sown, the buds on the trees open, birds build nests and lay eggs, and new life and momentum is celebrated.

Energetically, the spring equinox is a time of emergence and vitality. Life force courses through the planet, as well as through us. People throw off the dreariness of the cold months and awaken physically and mentally. Exercise and activity becomes easier, and motivation returns. This is the time to sow the seeds of what you want to achieve in the coming year, blessing them with your energy and intent, and to dedicate yourself to new goals. The vibration of this season supports the blossoming and growth of your personality, your spiritual and emotional development, and your dreams. It’s a very fertile time, when you can make things happen and create your own reality. This equinox is about growth, passion and the unfurling and release of the immense potential you have within you. On both a universal and a personal level, it’s a time of balance and harmony, of union between the physical and the spiritual, and the integration of your heart and soul. This can be harnessed to anchor your dreams in reality and enhance your own inner harmony as the balance of universal outer energies is reflected within.

mabonThe autumn equinox, also known as Mabon, Alban Elued (light of the water), Harvest Home, Feast of Avalon, Festival of the Vine and Cornucopia, marks the middle of autumn. It’s a time of crisp, chilly mornings, pale skies and a world aflame with colour as the trees turn a hundred shades of red-orange-yellow-gold-brown. Daylight savings ends, the weather turns cool and things in nature slow down, turn inward and begin to wither. The leaves start to fall – hence the American reference to the season as “fall” – and farmers commence the second harvest, also known as the green or wild harvest, when fruits, vegetables and remaining crops are brought in from the fields. Vibrationally it’s a season of withdrawal, of being alone to meditate, recharge, reassess and ponder where you’re at in life. The energy of the earth retreats and goes within, as does your personal power, but from this experience you’ll emerge with immense strength and new wisdom.

This is the time of balance – the world is poised between summer and winter and day and night are equal, which is reflected in each of us. You can ensure personal balance by acknowledging and integrating all the parts of your self and beginning to look within, echoing the path of the god, who prepares to sacrifice himself and descend to the underworld where the Mysteries will unfold. Acknowledge the things you’ve sacrificed, and others have sacrificed for you, to be where you are now. Give thanks for your metaphorical harvest, honouring your achievements, experiences and wisdom in a way that feels right to you, be it with a big celebration or a personal ritual of gratitude.


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