September 2015…

September 30, 2015 at 2:06 pm (Uncategorized)


The Into the Mists Trilogy…

The previous month passed in a blur of extra work at the magazines, but things got back to (sort of) normal on September 1st 🙂 Which was the day I started Steptember, a month of walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. I’m grateful to everyone who sponsored me – and happy that I ended up walking 398,188 steps over the month, an average of 13,273 steps a day, without missing a single Pump or Combat workout…

September was also the month for festivals! I shared a stand at Festival of Dreams with my friend Trudie from One Grounded Angel, and caught up with lots of friends, and sold some books, and kept up my step count, and was very grateful to my sweet husbee for all his help…


Sharing the Spidey-love…

And at the end of September it was Comic-Con, which was lots of fun. I shared a booth with amazing artist Selina Fenech, and we had a great time. I dressed up as Carlie on the first day (a few people did actually pick it!), and as Spider-Man/Woman/Faery on the second day. I’ve always loved the sense of freedom in dressing up, the illusion of being in disguise so you are free to be as silly as you like. Not that the lack of a costume usually stops my silliness 🙂 My hubby and I did joke about how grown-up and mature we are (not!), when we saw this pic, but I’ve never really aspired to that 🙂

It was interesting that a few friends said they couldn’t believe that I’m shy because I was dressed as Spidey at a hugely public event – but in a strange way dressing up makes me more confident, and makes talking to so many people a little bit easier. Playing a role, acting, being able to express more perhaps. It’s the basis of the whole super hero gig I guess, to be someone braver than you are, to step outside yourself and your fears and the things that limit you…

And of course there was also lots of magic amongst the festivals…

September 12: Dark Moon blessings… Wishing everyone much love, and blessings of the dark moon, as we approach tomorrow’s new moon. Now is a time to reflect, and to be brave and look within, before embracing the new energy, passion and inspiration of tomorrow xx

September 13: New Moon blessings… Wishing everyone much love and magic on this new moon day. Tap into the new energies and all the potential swirling around us today, for new growth and new ideas and new dreams. Make a wish for this magical month to come, and dive in and make it come true. Lots of love bright blessings xx

September 19: My hubby has stocktake on our 10th wedding anniversary, so we celebrated a little early and had a beautiful ritual on the Saturday night – and chose the same card for each other again 🙂

September 22: Today I’m grateful for a beautiful morning with my hubby for our tenth wedding anniversary, before he had to leave for another late night stocktake night. We hung out together at home, then headed into town, wandering through gorgeous Hyde Park in the sunshine, smiling at the fountain that reminds us of the one in New York’s Central Park, where we got married, and reminiscing about our honeymoon in Glastonbury… And I’m grateful for ten years of love, support, encouragement, fun, adventure and joy. I’m not sure I would have written all the books I have if I was with anyone else, for while I have diminished myself in previous relationships to make them feel better about themselves, my sweet husbee is happy to let me follow my heart, to sacrifice some of our time together to write, to help me see my own strength when I sometimes doubt it, and to make me endless ups of tea when I’m working madly in my little purple office. And it works both ways – I am so proud of all he has achieved musically and creatively, and of his drive and determination, and his refusal to let obstacles stop him or define him. It’s been a love-filled, adventure-filled and creative ten years for both of us…

September 23: Ostara blessings… Wishing everyone in the Southern Hemisphere a magical spring equinox, and everyone in the north an enchanted autumn equinox. Enjoy this beautiful day of light and dark in balance, of night and day of equal length, and of inner and outer in harmony. Lots of love xx

September 28: Full Moon blessings… Wishing everyone a wonderful, magic-filled full moon and eclipse. May all the wishes you whisper to the moon come true, and you be blessed with love, passion, inspiration – and the dedication to birth all you hope for into being xx


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