August 2015…

August 31, 2015 at 1:37 pm (Uncategorized)

blogimbolcAugust made me grateful that Camp NaNoWriMo was in July, because I ended up working six days a week instead of three all month at my day job, which severely affected the time I had for my own writing projects… And my migraine hell continued, which didn’t exactly leave me happy, or inspired…

But I still worked out every day (Body Pump and Body Combat, with a little bit of Jillian thrown in), since it keeps me sane, and strong enough to cope with the extra stress, and stole a couple of hours here and there to work on a mini project, and went to a naturopath for a hemaview test, which was fascinating but not especially helpful, and my sweet hubby did the 40 Hour Famine with me 🙂

And no matter how busy or distracted you are, there is still beauty and magic in the world…

August 7: Imbolc blessings to my friends in the south, and Lughnasadh love to those in the north… Imbolc celebrates the fact that the days are lengthening and the light is returning, illuminating the land and our own hearts. It’s a time of awakening, renewal and re-emergence, as nature fills with life force and begins to quiver with the energy to grow again, and we too start to emerge from the chill of winter, shaking off our inertia and lack of motivation and beginning to re-engage with the world. It’s also a time of purification and cleansing after the long dark of the winter months, of stripping away the old so the new can emerge…

August 14: Sending dark moon blessings and love to all. Look within, at this magical time, and get in touch with your inner wisdom and hidden truths, and the passion that can fuel tomorrow’s new moon wishes.

August 15: New moon blessings! Wishing you love, joy and the excitement and passion of new beginnings, and the refocusing of intent on something that’s already underway if that is what you need. Love and lunar wishes…

August 29: Wishing everyone an enchanted full moon, and the inspiration to make all your wishes comes true 🙂 Bright blessings at this magical time! xx


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