June 2015…

June 30, 2015 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)

eBook_Cover_LightJune was a month full of the beauty of Sydney winters, all blue skies and sunshine, with a chill in the air – so pretty and vivid and crisp.

It was also a month of book adventures:

– The awesome online launch of Into the Light, with friend and magical author Felicity Pulman, who was also celebrating the conclusion of her series, book six of her gorgeous Janna Chronicles…

– The approving of the ebook and US versions of Into the Light…

– Three days of kooky fun at Supanova, with amazing artist Selina Fenech, whose artworks adorn the covers of the Into the Mists Trilogy and Witchy Magic, and who is a brilliant writer as well as artist…

– And amazing feedback from readers that made all the insane stress of finishing the book totally worth it. One was a beautiful email from someone eading Into the Light: “It’s touching my heart so much I have to have my tissues. I’ve never cried reading a book before… OMG this is such an excellent book…” It touches my heart that people are enjoying Carlie’s journey so much…

And it was a month of magical days:

June 2: Full moon blessings… Wishing everyone an enchanted full moon tonight! May it bring you much love, joy and inspiration, and a heart filled with passion and creativity. Bright blessings for the coming month…

June 16: Dark moon blessings… Sending dark moon blessings and love to all. At this introspective and magical time, look within and get in touch with your inner wisdom and hidden truths, release anything you want to let go of, and harness the passion that will fuel tomorrow’s new moon wishes xxx

June 17: New moon blessings… Wishing you love, joy and the excitement and passion of new beginnings, and the refocusing of intent on something that’s already underway if that is what you need. Love and lunar wishes as we approach the solstice and the return of the light…

blogyuleLJune 22: Solstice blessings… Wishing all my friends in the south a magical, blessed Yule, and those in the north an inspiring, energising Litha. The winter solstice is about the re-emergence of light from the dark, so it is a celebration of the earth – and our – renewal. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year, to acknowledge the good and the bad, the dreams you fulfilled and the ones you let die, and the things you still hope to achieve. To celebrate your potential and start dreaming of all the things you want to make happen in the coming year. It’s a time for nurturing your heart and soul, listening to its wisdom, tapping in to the subconscious thoughts that have been buried and learning the lessons of the past so you can emerge from your wintry cocoon and take action to manifest your hopes into reality in the new light and energy to come…


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