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I recently took part in the Meet My Character: Book Blog Tour, where I wrote about Carlie from Into the Mists. You can read that here. Then I tagged two other authors to continue the tour.

EmmaHibbsOne was Emma Hibbs, who I met at the online book launch of Into the Mists (which I shared with Selina Fenech, who was launching Hope’s Reign, the second book in her Memory’s Wake Trilogy), where we chatted about faeries and nature and archery and Merida from Brave. We’ve kept in touch since – one of the joys of Facebook is connecting with wonderful people from around the globe – but as Emma lives in north-west England, we haven’t met in the “real” world yet 🙂

Writing as EC Hibbs, she is the author of the YA fantasy novel Blindsighted Wanderer and the paranormal romance/thriller Tragic Silence – and she’s already completed books two and three of the latter, and begun a new series. Emma is also a talented artist, which you can check out at her Elphame Arts website, where she does portraits as well as designing gorgeous book covers. Find out more about her at

Emma_book_blindsightedIn Emma’s blog post she writes about her character Merrin, from Blindsighted Wanderer.

“Merrin is inspired by a race of mysterious water nymphs from the folklore of Cheshire in North West England. Her people are the Asrae, and live deep within a great lake in the forbidden west of the Elitland Valley. As with all of them, Merrin ages at a much longer rate than humans, only gaining one year for every hundred that pass. Merrin is introduced as carefree and trusting, with the physical appearance of a 15-year-old girl. She is deeply in love with a human named Adrian, but her entire world is turned on its head when he betrays her – an act which almost costs her life. Enraged, she unleashes a powerful curse on her lover, dooming all the men in his family to die by a water illness. For the next two hundred years, her vengeance almost consumes her…”

You can read much more about Merrin, and Blindsighted Wanderer in Emma’s blog post.

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  1. felicitypulman said,

    It sounds like a really interesting series!

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