New Year’s Blessings…

December 31, 2014 at 11:26 pm (Magic, With thanks) (, )

Tonight I am grateful for a beautiful night with my hubby, dreaming a new year into being, celebrating a year just gone, and being happy to just be together and exist in the moment.

I’m happy that I did three workouts today (they were only 30 minutes each)… and glad that PiYo is almost over. I’ve enjoyed the program, but eight weeks is a long time for a set of workouts that you like but don’t love. Can’t wait for the new Jillian one to arrive 🙂

I’m glad I had time to make salad and yummy new dips, for a healthy start to the new year 🙂

And I’m grateful for the year just gone – the good, the bad, the sad and the joyful.

I’m grateful to my beloved, for love, adventure, support, encouragement, fun and sharing of dreams and hopes and love and laughter, for soothing frustrations and celebrating success, and all the myriad moments in between 🙂

I’m grateful for my friends and family, for visits to spend time with them, and catch-ups over cups of tea, and long distance friendships and laughter and love.

I’m happy that Into the Dark was published, and glad I wrote the first 53,000 words of Into the Light in November, and grateful that I made it through another crazy year at the magazines.

I’m proud of my hubby for doing a new EP and a cool video, and following his heart and his dreams and his muse, no matter what.

I’m grateful to my fitness friends, and especially my workout buddy Claire, for sharing another awesome year and pushing each other to do more and strive for more and be more – the best us we can be – and I’m so happy that we met Jillian together and worked out with her 🙂

I’m grateful for beautiful messages from people who read my books, and while talking is a little out of my comfort zone, I’m happy that I could meet people at Supanova, Book Expo, Mind Body Spirit Festival and Festival of Dreams, and glad that I’ve been able to meet even more online…

And I’m grateful for all the promise and potential held within this threshold moment, as we move from one year into the next – while being mindful that we can make a new start every day, every minute – we can change our mindset and our life whenever we choose to… That’s the real magic I think, the magic of intent and creation which exists always, in every moment…

Happy New Year! xx


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