Into the Dark – First Reviews

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cover_low-resThe first few reviews of Into the Dark have been published on Amazon, and I’m so happy that people are loving it… You can see them – or add your own – here… Thank you so much to those who have taken the time to post a review…

5 out of 5 stars A Heartfelt Wondrous Journey into the Dark
Into the Dark is an amazing sequel to Into the Mists. I loved following the journey of Carlie into the dark where I was left to wonder, question and feel her experiences alongside her. The use of various forms of writing such as the beautiful selection of quotes, diary entries and letters added interest and immersion into the story. The charachters were relatable warm and lovable yet unique. The use of factual information about the spiritual path of paganism and magick also makes it an inspiring and valuable source for people who are wanting to learn more about this path. Both Into the Mists and Into the Dark are my favourite novels which have touched my life in ways I cant explain. An amazing story for people of all ages which shows no matter how dark life can get there is still purpose and magick to be found through love.

* * * * *
Into the Dark continues Carlie’s journey towards an understanding of her own heart, a journey that takes her on from the heart-breaking accident in Australia that killed her parents and brought her into the care of her grandmother, Rose, which formed the basis of Serene Conneeley’s first novel for YA, Into the Mists. In Into the Dark, Carlie explores her growing love for her new life and the new people who have come into it, as well as her fascination with magic and ancient folk lore as she draws on the wisdom of her grandmother and also the support of her new friend, Rhiannon. A shaman, Rowan, comes into Carlie’s life, and the spark between them ignites into a love that Carlie is not sure she can trust. As their love deepens, so dark secrets come to light, not least the secret that drove Carlie’s mother from her home so long ago. Should Carlie follow her heart, or listen to Rhiannon’s warning, based on a psychic’s reading of the future? While much darker in content than the previous novel, Into the Dark also portrays the sweetness of love, and the power and fascination of the magical that is so often unacknowledged in our world. As always, the author’s notes at the end are both explanatory and interesting. This is a compelling novel that haunted my dreams while I was reading it!
* * * * *
5 out of 5 stars I adored this book! 
I adored Into the Dark. This is the second book in the series and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Just like when I read Into the Mist, I was up into the wee hours again, unable to stop reading until I’d made it to the very last page. It was magical to go back into Carly’s world again and to join her once more on her spiritual journey of healing and renewal. This time we witness Carly fall in love and experience all the highs and lows, the uncertainty and fatefulness, of new love. It is beautifully written and a book I will treasure and recommend to all of my friends. LOVED IT!

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