Coming Soon! New Book! Into the Dark!

June 12, 2014 at 11:52 am (Magic, News and updates, Publishing) (, , , , , )

ImageOn June 27, I’ll be launching Into the Dark, the sequel to Into the Mists, at an online launch with magical author Felicity Pulman, so feel free to join us…

Into the Dark…

A best friend. A forever love. A promise… A betrayal. An ultimatum. A choice…

Carlie coped with moving from her home in Sydney, Australia to a small village in England to live with a stranger. She battled her way through the mists she thought would drown her, and emerged transformed. She was even starting to think she’d survive the death of her parents. But now an old diary, which promises to reveal the mystery of her mother, threatens to tear her world apart. How will the words she reads affect her? Will she wish the truth had died with her mum? And what is the connection to her own life hidden within the pages?

In the second book of the gripping Into the Mists Trilogy, a new relationship with her grandmother is opening Carlie’s soul to the energy and power of the earth. A new friend is opening her mind to the magic and potential within her. And a new love is opening her heart to the sweetest enchantment of all. Yet betrayal hovers around her, and she will face an ultimatum, a sacrifice and a cruel choice that might just break her.

Will Carlie find the courage to go into the darkness of her own heart and seek the wisdom and strength she needs to survive, or will the tragedies and the pain of her life break her into a million little pieces?


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  1. Felicity Pulman said,

    I am so looking forward to reading this, even if I did think it was a prequel!! It sounds like it’ll be an even more compelling read than Into the Mists!

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