With thanks… Monday January 23… New moon blessings, and Happy Chinese New Year!

January 23, 2012 at 1:40 pm (Magic, Moon phases, With thanks) (, , , )

Today I wish everyone a magical new moon and an enchanted Chinese New Year, and a year to come full of love, joy and inspiration. It’s the perfect time to make a wish – new moon, new year – then take steps to make it come true. Wishes focus our attention and our intention, and make the path forward and the way to manifest them clearer – then it is up to us to make them happen. A book won’t write itself, a record won’t record itself, your artistic expression requires time carved out of your day to allow it to go from your heart to the canvas or the crafting… Place value on your dreams, and give yourself the gift of time to make them come true…

Today I am also a little surprised – it was on Chinese New Year 2009 that I began writing these daily gratitude notes, so it’s been three years of taking the time to gather my thoughts each night and think of all the things I was grateful for that day. Some days it was easier than others, but part of me thinks that it’s those days that are the most important, the ones where I had to dig deep and look hard for the good things. Because they are always there, if you look. Always something to be grateful for, even when you’re sad or disappointed or in pain. My bad migraine days are always a challenge, but I can always find something to be glad of – painkillers (ha ha), sympathy and healing pats from my beloved, cool breeze on my hot cheeks, the beauty of a jacaranda tree in bloom, the scent of frangipanis, a particularly delicious cup of tea, a letter from a friend, someone telling me they loved my book…

And even when I’m frantically snowed under at the magazines (like today), I am grateful that I got lots done, that I finished several pages, that something I was waiting on finally arrived. Yes I’m feeling swamped, with three magazines going to print on Friday, but I was grateful for watermelon, grateful I’d brought a salad so I didn’t have to waste time leaving the office, grateful for the luxury of time on the bus to read a little…

I am also grateful that Cutes met me after work so we could walk home together, grateful two packages he’d been waiting on had arrived, grateful I could do some work for Juz when we got home – plotting and planning and dreaming and scheming J

I am grateful to author Felicity Pulman for her mention of Seven Sacred Sites on her page, and that someone ordered four copies of A Magical Journey…

I’m grateful for a beautiful necklace from Mum and Dad, as a thank you for the photo book I made for our friends, and I’m grateful to my sister for dropping off a box of books to a store in Mandurah for me, especially as it ended up being a bit trickier than anticipated.

So, even though I didn’t get to spend any time on my book writing today, I am grateful that I fitted so much else in, grateful for my wonderful family and friends, and grateful to my beloved for our magical life together… (And to think this started as a very brief note!)


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