Total lunar eclipse: late night at Sydney Observatory

December 10, 2011 at 6:07 pm (Magic, With thanks) (, , )

Total lunar eclipse: December 10, 2011…

From Sydney Observatory… At 11.45pm the Moon starts to enter the Earth’s shadow and Sydney Observatory’s special late night lunar eclipse viewing evening begins. From 1.06am the Moon will be fully immersed in the shadow for 52 minutes, and then fully clear by 3.18am.

Whilst this lunar eclipse can be viewed safely with the naked eye, Sydney Observatory has astronomers on hand to assist with viewing through binoculars and telescopes, weather permitting. The evening also includes short talks and presentations in the 3D Space Theatre and information about Indigenous interpretations of a lunar eclipse.

It is the last total lunar eclipse until 2014…

With thanks… Saturday December 10… Full moon lunar eclipse…
Today I am grateful for a day off with my beloved, and time to just be. It’s been a crazy few weeks at the magazines…
I’m grateful for time curled up on the couch together reading (the third book in the Witch Fairy series), and watching a couple of Game of Thrones episodes…
I’m grateful to all the people who have been contributing photos for a little project I’m working on, especially the digital ones – I spent a long time scanning today 🙂
And I’m grateful for the beauty and mystery of the eclipse. Such a beautiful sight, which reminded me of the eclipse Ang, Juz and I watched together a while ago, having a night-time picnic in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as we watched the moon rise out of the ocean and climb over the city before it was dramatically eclipsed… It’s no wonder people of old thought it was a sign from the gods – it’s hard to miss, and it is so full of mystery and wonder…


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