Save Japan Dolphins

August 30, 2011 at 1:36 pm (Causes) (, , )

Just read an inspiring interview with Ric O’Barry, dolphin protector and peaceful protester, and one of my heroes. The Taiji dolphin hunt is about to begin again, and he will be there to bear witness… He also praises the Japanese island that is encouraging dolphin watching and snorkelling with them – which is creating a long-term tourism industry with economic benefits, rather than killing them for short-term financial gain… And he reiterates – again – that eating dolphin is not a Japanese cultural tradition. Few Japanese people actually eat dolphin (at least not knowingly), and their meat is so full of mercury that it’s a health hazard to consume it. With Ric’s encouragement, a few very brave locals from Taiji got contaminated dolphin meat off the school lunch menu. There were repercussions, as any challenge to a million-dollar-industry feeling threatened will find, but they put the health of their children, and the freedom of dolphins, above their fear…

Read the interview here, check out Ric’s regular blog, and consider donating to his group Save Japan Dolphins.


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