Dark moon blessings

August 28, 2011 at 1:37 pm (Magic) (, , , , )

Sending dark moon blessings and love to all. At this introspective and magical time, look within and get in touch with your inner wisdom and hidden truths, release anything you want to let go of, and harness the passion that will fuel tomorrow’s new moon wishes xxx


The dark moon rises at dawn, with the sun, and sets at sunset. It is between the earth and the sun the whole time, making it invisible to us. While some people take the dark moon as a day off from magic, others use it to go within, using the introspective energies to examine their feelings and thoughts and delve deep within their psyche.

While the moon is hidden it’s also a powerful time to scry and perform any kind of divination that will uncover your hidden truths, and for getting in touch with your inner wisdom and approaching the Mysteries. This energy helps you explore the darkest recesses of your mind and your heart, and acknowledge your passions, your fears and your anger so you can release them to the approaching light.

This is a time to rest and renew your strength, and also to evaluate your life and your progress. The powerful, deep and transforming energy of the dark moon is an internalised vibration, so be aware of your thoughts, avoiding focusing on negativity or self-loathing in case you manifest the fears you’re supposed to banish.

The dark moon celebrates the crone, so invoke the energies of Ceridwen, Kali, the Cailleach, Hecate, Baba Yaga or Nephthys to help you descend to your metaphorical underworld and examine the layers of your subconscious.


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