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A wonderful blog/review about A Magical Journey: Your Diary Of Inspiration, Adventure and Transformation, on the Creative Therapy site by Suzana Djilas-Gaal…

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“Keeping a journal is a powerful way to make sense of the world, and of your own inner universe… It allows you to explore your psyche, and is a valuable tool of self-expression, self-discovery and self-knowledge.” Serene Conneeley

In a number of my previous posts, I’ve written about and shared samples of various types of Journals, and think it may be time for a ‘proper’ – if somewhat belated – introduction?
Journalling is a very powerful therapeutic process which has benefits for physical, emotional, psychological, creative and spiritual wellbeing.  Medical research has shown that Journalling has  numerous health benefits for patients experiencing chronic pain or serious illnesses.  Major psychological studies have revealed that “pouring your heart out” onto the page can aid in exploring, clarifying and expressing your thoughts and feelings about life experiences and issues.  Creative Journals provide a tool for working through creative processes, setting goals and recording life’s adventures.  Recording inspirational quotes, poems, spiritual teachings, or just the things you are grateful for, in a Journal is another way to discover and connect with your own spiritual path and life meaning.

“Your journal is a mirror that reveals your shadows and light, showing you who you truly are and how to work towards becoming what you want to be.” Serene Conneeley

Are you looking for a gentle, guiding hand to lead you into the world of Journalling possibilities? Serene Conneeley offers forth just such a hand through her book A Magical Journey: Your Diary of Inspiration, Adventure and Transformation.
A Magical Journey provides an excellent introduction into The Power of Journalling; many useful and creative ideas on how to get started; tips on how to keep going through any challenges; wonderful inspirations for various types of Journals; and notes on a number of well-known Journal-Keepers.  Serene also leads us on a deeper Journey Within through natural connections to the cycles of the seasons, the moon and sacred celebrations.
However, A Magical Journey is also a Journal in itself.  Much of the book is comprised of thought-provoking quotes to prompt reflections and blank pages upon which to scribe your own musings.  Remember, even though the pages are lined, it’s ok to draw or collage in your Journal too!

For more information about A Magical Journey or Serene’s other work, please visit http://www.sereneconneeley.com.

Happy Creative Journalling Adventures!

 A Magical Journey is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK and Blessed Bee Australia


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