With thanks… Thursday August 11…

August 12, 2011 at 4:24 am (With thanks) (, )

Hmm, am having Facebook issues and can’t post my daily gratitude note, so I shall add it here for now…

With thanks… Thursday August 11…

Today I am grateful for a catch up with a sweet faery friend, for coffee, laughter and bemusing waiter assumptions…

I am grateful that I worked very productively – I set up a FB page with a store, and had some likes before I’d even announced it exists 🙂 And I continued my eBook/marketing adventure, researching, learning, planning…

I’m grateful for a lovely night-time walk with Cutes, up to Newtown for a friend’s birthday dinner, then home through the park, holding hands and inhaling the sweetly scented night air, all washed clean by a sprinkling of rain… (And I’m grateful that my sore leg survived it, and that painkillers dulled my bad head…)

And now I am grateful for bed. This getting up early thing is quite a challenge! Too much to do to get to bed before midnight, but my eyes are getting heav and my brain is a little… slower than usual 🙂 xx


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