Mermaid Magic reviews

August 4, 2011 at 5:37 pm (Book reviews) (, , , , , )

There are two gorgeous new (five star) reviews for Mermaid Magic on Amazon…

“This beautiful book has been a dream come true for me. I have always had a fascination with the ocean and its animals, shells, corals and felt at home with the sand between my toes looking out at the water and seeing its power and its beauty. Mermaids have been a powerful symbol for me since I was just a little girl. To have all these elements together in one place and so well researched and written has been a joy to read. I have learnt so much about conservation and what we can do to help preserve this delicate eco balance. I have also been fascinated by reading stories of real life oceanic warriors and activists as well learning about folklore and myths surrounding Mermaids and the Ocean. Five stars from me.”

“Mermaid Magic is the greatest mermaid book I have read so far! It has EVERYTHING you need to know about mermaids, the ocean, and magic. From stories of inspirational merpeople, famous mermaids, and sea witches and magic to mermaid salt blend recipes, mermaid archetypes and eco warriorism. The book is clear, easy to read, practical and written with passion! As you read this book you will be inspired, strengthen your connection with the ocean, and be motivated to look after her better. I am so thankful to the writers Serene Conneeley and Lucy Cavendish for bringing this book into the world! I absolutely love it!”

You can buy Mermaid Magic from Amazon US or Amazon UK, or in bookstores in Australia or here.


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