40 Hour Famine

July 31, 2011 at 5:26 pm (Causes, News and updates) (, , , , )

I’m doing the World Vision 40 Hour Famine again this year, from Friday night August 19 to Sunday afternoon the 21st, and I’m very grateful to all those who have sponsored me so far. Even a few dollars will make a huge difference in a small, hungry child’s life – and so many people have been so generous this year.

The 40 Hour Famine is one of Australia’s biggest community awareness & youth fundraising events. It is a powerful – and meaningful – way that Australians can experience what life is like for children who have to go without. Every. Single. Day. By giving up food (or something else that really matters to you) for 40 hours, you can raise funds for kids living in poverty overseas.

And you can make a massive difference: $40 can feed a family of five for a month.

World Vision Australia started the 40 Hour Famine in 1975, to raise money to help children, their families and communities in desperate need. (I’ve been doing it since the mid-eighties, when I was at school, around twenty-five times now…)

Thirty-six years on, the 40 Hour Famine is bigger than ever. Each year around 300,000 Australians take part. The funds raised every year by the 40 Hour Famine continue to support World Vision’s work tackling the causes of poverty, through both short-term solutions and long-term development projects.

This really does make a difference – I’ve met the child I sponsor in Peru, so I know how dramatically even the smallest amount of money can help people in developing countries. My profile page is here, if anyone wants to check it out 🙂


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